Learning More About Plants! – Kindergarten Science

        As many of  you may know, we have Ms. Chelsea Dunn, from Westfield State University continuing her work with us this semester, now in the role of student teacher.  She has been a part of our classroom since the beginning of the year when she started her pre-practicum.  Her weekly or bi-weekly visits have helped us all to learn more.  I was very pleased when she asked to do her practicum with us as she has become an integral part of our class experience and now she works with us all day, every day!

        I invited Chelsea to write a guest post for our website. I know you will find it informative and you will feel the energy she has for working with young children.

Hello everyone!

I am writing this guest post to share with you the unit I have been teaching in Mrs. Poulin’s classroom.

We have been learning so much about plants over the past few weeks, it has been awesome! We have been reading stories about plants and seeds, writing about plants, talking a lot about plants and seeds, and even acting the life cycle out. The students have been able to experience and see real examples of the properties of plants, and the changes that they go through during the plant life cycle. I have been so excited and surprised to hear about what they know, and see what they have been able to learn from one another. Each student has different background knowledge and observations that they bring to the table, information that even I hadn’t thought of!


Before vacation we saw how plants “drink” water, by placing celery stalks in different colored water and leaving it for a few days. Even this week, students are asking me where the celery is for their science observation report. Unfortunately, it had to be tossed out.

The week before vacation we were all able to plant our own seeds. The seedsstudents were able to put a few bean seeds into a plastic baggie, with a paper towel and just a little water. We sealed them and placed them on a table near the window. Before we left for vacation the students noticed that they were starting to grow small roots. When we came back after vacation (11 days of not seeing them!) we were all so surprised by the changes. Ask your children about it, I’m sure they have a lot to share!

I am excited to see what the next few weeks will bring as it has been wonderful teaching and learning in this classroom.



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